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Advice needed to fix EQ

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Advice needed to fix EQ

Help! Both DH and I were in BK13, which was discharged 3/17. We initially filed a 7, but later converted to a 13 due to income levels. EQ has both of our public records as a discharged 7...which has a 10 year expiration vs 7 for a 13.

I got mine corrected after a failed online dispute by calling several times. DH has no such luck...we have filed 7 disputes now, attaching the BK13 discharge paperwork. Plus he has called and spoken to a super twice. He also filed a dispute with FCRA, to which EQ only confirmed they have it as a BK7.

Because we filed a 7 initially, our 7 year window is up in July. So we need this fixed by then so it’ll fall off. What other recourse do we have at our disposal? Thanks!
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Re: Advice needed to fix EQ

A divorce might be cleaner at this point.
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