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Advice regarding judgement/charge-off (GMAC / Experian)...

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Advice regarding judgement/charge-off (GMAC / Experian)...

Anyone, I have a couple of questions...but let me give you some background... About 2 1/2 years ago we had a vehicle repo'd (GMAC) and last year they threatened with a Civil suit for the remainder of the payments, we settled (all but ~$2K) and had the judgment dismissed/voided (I do not remember the exact legal term, but it was something like that.)

Well, we still have the GMAC account on my credit and it shows a status of charge-off and this past Saturday (2-9-2008) the gift that keeps giving, gave us a public record for the judgment back from last March (2007). We called the Attorney's office and the Courthouse and both said it should not show up and the CRA's are wrong... I immediately disputed it on Saturday with Experian (only CRA it is listed on) and low and behold got an email from them this afternoon saying they were finished (in a record 3 business days no less) and to my dismay...they said it should remain. I have disputed things in the past and they have taken a while to get back to me, so at least I had the illusion that they had actually gone and verified the info (whether they did or not), but this seems wrong.

OK to my questions...
1. Should my GMAC account status read "charge-off" or ?

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