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Affect of Deleted Public record

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Affect of Deleted Public record

After a long wait, my only public record (PR) has been deleted and it jumpe my score by 50 points - 698 to 748.  So for those who were wondering what the hit of a PR is, I can confim it is around 50,  a long as there are no other SERIOUS dings on the report.  For eample, on my TU report, there were some 5 yo 120 day lates, and after the PR was deleted, there was no change in score, it stayed at 700. 


Also,  I had sent all 3 three agencies a goodwill letter asking them to delete the PR, begging them to delete it ahead of time.  It was sheduled to fall of in Dec, 2012.  2 of the agencies deleted it 3 months in advance.  The 3rd, just deleted it on Nov 3. 

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Re: Affect of Deleted Public record

I doubt that your GW letters to the CRAs were a factor in their earlier exclusion.

CRAs have no authority to grant deletion of accurate creditor reporting as a matter of good will on their part. 

CRAs rountinely exclude adverse items from their credit reports prior to the maximum statutory date, thus giving them some cushion in not becoming in violation of section 605(a).  Its done through computers.  I would speculate the same exclusion would have occured absent any GW requests to them.

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Re: Affect of Deleted Public record

thanks for the post, ronron.  I have a PR scheduled to fall off next month, and was wondering if my score would change.  it's been a long 7 years, and I can't wait to be rid of that baddie.  I paid it off 3 years ago, but the jerk collection attorney would not agree to anything other than the satisfaction of judgment.  and, I had to go pick it up and then to the courthouse to record it.  I made my final payment in cash, and it still took them 3 weeks to prepare the satisfaction of judgment. And, they wonder why everyone hates them. 

Hope my score has a huge jump like yours did. 

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