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All 3 CRA FICO Updated Daily?

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Re: All 3 CRA FICO Updated Daily?

No problem, we've all been there before.
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Re: All 3 CRA FICO Updated Daily?

I wouldn’t pay for MyFico services. Credit karma updates way quicker and it’s free. You won’t get your FICO Scores but you will get updated credit reports. All of my free monitors have updated things that changed my report over a week ago. MyFico only updated inquiries from yesterday but not changes from a while ago. I doubt these scores are accurate. In fact I know for sure the auto scores are not because I sell cars for a car dealership.
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Re: All 3 CRA FICO Updated Daily?

Crown_sm.jpg  Pardon me Your Majesty but you're gonna drive yourself bonkers with that.  LOL


I have the My Fico Ult 3-B and also check all those freebie sites.. I make myself a little more insane every day.

I get where you're coming from, I do, just try to not make yourself crazy over it.


The scores will fluctuate, a little down, a little up. As long as you're doin' everything right, it'll be ok..


You may do as you wish, obviously, just try not to stress out about it too much. 








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