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AmEx is not my friend.


AmEx is not my friend.

Two questions. I had a $38 balance on an AmEx Card, even though I PIF'd and closed the card in 2005. I think it might be some finance charge or something. Regardless, it was charged off. I sent AmEx a DV letter on June 5. They still haven't responded. Based on my understanding of the FCRA, if they don't get back to me in 30 days, I get to have the derrogatory item removed automatically. Is that true? I called them today and explained this to them, and they wouldn't budge. They said it would show "paid in full" but that it was sent to collections. Can I enforce their mistake on them? How? Second, is a "paid in full, but went to collections" item as bad as another item, or should I let sleeping dogs lie on this one? If it only a few points, no big deal. But if it is worth trying to go after, I'm game. I guess the question is, are there different weights of FICO mistakes? How bad is this one? Thanks for reading. I'd appreciate any help. . .
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Re: AmEx is not my friend.

Try a GW
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