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America's Worst Collection Agencies

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America's Worst Collection Agencies

I was browsing thru websites trying to find a the list of licensed/bonded debt collectors in Texas and I came across this website and thought I'd share. 
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Re: America's Worst Collection Agencies

I had an experience with Mann Bracken. They told me my Chase/Circuit City card was charged off. I called Chase and they told me it wasn't charged off and I was current with my payments. I called Mann Bracken again they would not believe me. They wouldn't even take 5 minutes to conference call me with Chase. Mann Bracken told me to call Chase and speak to the legal department tell the legal department to take it out of collection. I contacted Chase legal department they have no record of my account charged off or in collection. And Chase did not recognize Mann Bracken as an Attorney or CA they do business with. I was told by Chase to no longer give any further information to Mann Bracken about my account in the event this was identity theft. I sent Mann Bracken a C&D,and disputed the charges. I didn't hear from them since. Nor is the account on my credit report. I was about ready to call the police on these people. I had no idea who they are, Chase didn't recognize them either. Don't get me wrong.. There are some really good collection agencies that were very helpful working with me when I had some very high medical bills. There are a few good CA's left in this world.

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