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Amex CreditSecure - Opinion?

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Re: Amex CreditSecure - Opinion?

Everytime I sign in it says that I haven't enrolled and it lets me enroll and has yet to charge me. Nice tech mistake Smiley Happy The only thing is that my scores are 100 points off. My profile also says they use PLUS scores. The reports are up to date though.

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Current Scores- Experian- 695, Equifax- 689, Transunion-680

Goal- 720 Across the Board
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Re: Amex CreditSecure - Opinion?

I love the service! I've used it primarily to clean up erroneous information from my reports and the score estimator tool is very useful when determining which direction I should take with my credit. The scores are a bonus! I don't mind the fee because I charge enough and receive enough statement credits to cover $15 CreditSecure fee and the $95 AF.

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Re: Amex CreditSecure - Opinion?

The EX score was accurate to what I saw the last time I app'd for a card. I used CS to dispute something (without having to buy another report) then cancelled it. I never saw a score update the entire month, not even when I pulled the two reports they allow you.
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