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Another loan rehabilitation and Sallie Mae question and a couple of general credit question.

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Another loan rehabilitation and Sallie Mae question and a couple of general credit question.

I'm sorry I'm repeating a topic that had been discussed before, but I haven't found a previous topic that discusses a situation quite similar to mine.


Any way, I finished rehabilitating early this year a student loan that I had defaulted back in 2007. The loan was originally held by Sallie Mae, and I think these were for either Perkins or unsubsidized Stafford loans. The loan was transferred to a new holder in January, and that account shows good standing. What's killing my score is the old Sallie Mae account is still showing with all the late payments starting Mar. 2007 to Dec. 2007 with the account indicating that it was transferred, and there are 4 separate student accounts, I assume for loans for each year I was in school for. And these are really only bad marks on my credit report.


From what I looked from couple different credit forums, it doesn't seem there isn't much I can do about it, but I wanted to make sure since I want to be shopping for a mortgage soon. I imagine they're going to disappear soon enough, and my credit score had been going up steadily, up to 683 now. Still, every little extra helps, and I am really anxious to start a new credit life.


There's a couple more quick somewhat related questions if you could indulge me. There is two more negative mark on my credit reports. When Direct loan sold my loan out, there was a bit of a snafu starting automatic payment with new loan holder, and the first payment was a couple months late. The 60 day past due in showing up in TransUnion and Equifax, and it happened in Sep 2010. Is there anything I can do about that mark, and how badly does it affect my score. Also, there is one negative mark on an account that really isn't mine. My mother issued an secondary user card from one of her credit card for me when I was in college, but apparently she never canceled that card. Any way, apparently she was late on an payment  Aug 2012 somehow, and that's showing up on my TransUnion report. If I contact TransUnion, would they remove it? Or would it actually help my score with her otherwise perfect payment history?


Any way, that's it. Thanks for all your helps.

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Re: Another loan rehabilitation and Sallie Mae question and a couple of general credit question.

For the CC that you are AU on, just dispute as not yours and that will remove it from your CR.


When SLs are rehabbed, different people are getting different results.  Some are getting all of the late payments removed and some are not.


After a SL is sold, the old account will stay with all the negative information.  All you can do is send a GW asking if they would remove the TL or the lates.


You can ask the new lender, via a GW, if they would remove the lates due to whatever issue there was with the automatic payments.


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