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Any VantageScore beyond 950?

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Any VantageScore beyond 950?

I just don't remember ever having seen it in these forums and am curious.

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Re: Any VantageScore beyond 950?

I thought I saw a couple in here posting at 990. I don't know if they were truthful or not.

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Re: Any VantageScore beyond 950?

It can be done. The much awaited reporting for a card was in from all three agencies last night.





Our credit is not perfect, yet DW's TU VantageScore (501-990) is 990 (and mine is 986). That's different from FICO (300-850) in that even perfect credit returns a score below 850.


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Re: Any VantageScore beyond 950?

I have a 984 Vantage right now.  The negatives that are holding me back on my FICO scores are late payments.  I have about seven accounts that went late for a period of 6 months in 2008.  The lates range up as high as 150 days.  My Vantage score was around 850 until recently when it shot up to 984.  That was right around the time my late payments aged past 4 years.  Hard to say if that was the reason, but maybe Vantage virtually ingores late payments once they age past 4 years.

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