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Any free 30 day trial CRA's

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Any free 30 day trial CRA's



I am looking for a 7 day or 30 day free trail where I can get my Fico scores and credit report. is there anything out there, not vantage scores, I guess because I had signed up with TU's free 30 day trail and found out that those scores are FAKO, so now I need FICO scores because FICO scores are used by lenders.


So if my EQ score is 680 from 30 day trail from TU then its a FAKO score and its not the score that is used by lenders and the FICO score may be different correct?


Also, if I pay down 2 small balances on my 2 credit cards on the 15th of this month, and get my FICO score on the 20th will I see any difference in my score due to paying off the balances.

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Re: Any free 30 day trial CRA's

Other than, you can also get your EQ FICO from or from your lender. Other than, you can also get your TU FICO from (note the -cs) and from your lender. Finally, as of last year, Experian no longer allows consumers to pull their own EX FICO score, but you can get it from your lender or on your checking statement if you happen to have a checking account with a CU in PA called PSECU. Any other score from any other source are not FICO scores, but a knock-off we call FAKOs. And yes, the EQ score from the TU service will not match the EQ FICO pulled from here.


Within myFICO, there is only one service that tracks a FICO score and that's Score Watch®. SW tracks changes to EQ only and monitors your score for changes every few days. I don't think there's a free trial now though. There was one at one point. There is another service called FICO® Quarterly Monitoring and that is a pre-paid service that provides a new TU FICO report every 3 months. It doesn't monitor your report or score for changes though other than seeing the changes via your new report.


If your score is to be impacted by the changes to your CC balances, then the CC balance(s) would have to change on your CR by the 20th. Most CCs report the balance you had on the statement date and will report shortly thereafter. Some CCs are oddballs like Orchard/HSBC or Amex. Orchard & HSBC Visa/MCs will report the balance you had on the last biz day of the month and will report that within a week or two on the following month.

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