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Anyone ACTUALLY ever receive Equifax settlement?

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Re: Anyone ACTUALLY ever receive Equifax settlement?

@User456 wrote:

Hey all,


I was one of the many people who had their credit data breached in the Equifax hack. I applied for a claim on the Equifax data breach website; I don't want to state the exact amount I claimed but it was over $10,000 as I incurred many losses / fraudulent accounts opened in my name etc. due to the data breach. Anyhow it doesn't seem like I am finding much information at all as to whether or not anyone has ACTUALLY EVER BEEN PAID OUT by the claims website... anyone ever file a claim and received notice of approval? I filed mine well over two months ago and am still waiting...

Here's the thread for when I received mine.

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Re: Equifax Settlement - how to determine if I’m a class member?!

I submitted my claim in May 2023. In October 2023, they sent a letter stating my information couldn't be verified by Equifax. I sent them everything to verify who I am and the crazy part is that you still can verify if you are impacted or not through on the website. So, the same thing they told you, they are telling me. The sad thing is that I can recognize everything you are saying. To me, it sounds like there needs to be a complaint submitted to the body that is governing the settlement administrator.... 

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Re: Anyone ACTUALLY ever receive Equifax settlement?

I filed  2 claims both said my claim was submitted & valid.

I even submitted proof.  Recently received emails saying that my claims are not valid do to some BS.. & because the fact that my identity was stolen & cannot be traced back to their data breach. But I've been reading some articles & they specifically stated that 0 of the millions of victims can trace their stolen dentity case/problems  directly back to equifax. So putting my 2cents together I got to a few conclusions.. 1) if not one single case can be traced back to resulting it was because of the equifax data Breach then why did they even take it to court & ask victims to file a claim. 2) if a claim is denied because theirs no proof or can't be traced back to it resulting from the data breach.. then  nobody will get any $$ except the lawyers of course.  But last thing & I hope you look in to it more is that a new york newspaper did a deep look into this case. It had other lawyers saying how mest up this hole case was & how they recommended victims to contact the court. Write a personal letter saying how unfair the settlement was & the total damage it caused you & what the lawyer thought you deserved. Plus the whole credit Monitoring protection this is all BS to discourage victims from asking for cash payments. You can get credit monitoring for free & most likely you probably already have it.  So yes.. I will be mailing my complaint letter to the court along with all my submitted proof. Cuz I'm not taking the $0.35-2.00 they want to shut me up with.. if that..!!

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Re: Anyone ACTUALLY ever receive Equifax settlement?

I submitted my claim on the summer of 2023. Submitted all paperwork, etc. My claim amount is over $8K! They updated my status and said that they couldn't verify my information smh. I contacted them back and they updated the status. This was in NOVEMBER. When I call customer service they don't have any updates. They literally read what is stated on the website. Her it is APRIL and my status hasn't been updated since NOVEMBER! Not sure what is taking so long. This is very frustrating. I haven't read any articles or updated news on this case. I wonder if ppl really are getting settlements. I think I am going to contact the FTC and file a complaint. 

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Re: Anyone ACTUALLY ever receive Equifax settlement?

I just got a notice of deficiency. Already spent hours locating documents and uploading when I filed the claim. Click on see if I was impacted by data breach it confirms I was. Now I'm being made to submit more documents? How many more hours am I supposed to spend on this? People report the payments received so far are around $14.00.. I can't even get into credit card accounts that someone else opened in my name. I'm still trying to get my credit fixed. Unbelievable that they are trying to get out of the $125 payment 

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Re: Equifax Settlement - how to determine if I’m a class member?!

I've emailed the CEOS AT THE COMPANY THAT IS DOING THIS - THE SETTLEMENT ADMINISTRATORS AT JND - and they couldn't give a half darn about it. The attorney general needs to be emailed. 

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