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Apple Card CRA Reporting Times

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Apple Card CRA Reporting Times

Anyone else notice that it can take Goldman over a month to report information?

I've had the card for 2 years and never carried a balance so I might not have noticed it before, but my May 31 statement balance didn't report until July 1 and it's still reporting that same data as of 8/5.


All the other issuers have no trouble updating within about 3 days of statement cut. Is this GS in general or am I the unlucky one?

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Re: Apple Card CRA Reporting Times

You are not alone.  GS stumbled in the beginning to consistently even report to all 3...that took time for some cardholders.

They do report, balance or not with an "as of the statement date (last day of the month)"...but the actual reporting day is not timely or even on a consistent date I could tell you to watch for.  It's very "all over the place" 

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Re: Apple Card CRA Reporting Times

There have been several threads here noting issues with GS not reporting in a timely manner. There was one month where my balance never updated until the next month. If you are apping for something large this card should be paid down well in advance.

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Re: Apple Card CRA Reporting Times

Good to know.

Thank you all. 

My card is new too


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Apple Card Not Reporting

Hi all, 

This is my first post, so I'm hoping it's in the right place. 
I'm having issues getting Apple Card to update to all of the beureau's. Today is 2/17 and I pulled my reports three days ago and Apple Card hasn't updated on anysince 12/1/21. Of course I had a balance then, but paid it down in December and paid it completely off in January, but none of that is reflected in my report and it's negatively impacting my utilization. I contacted Apple via text and they said they filed a complaint on my behalf and they'd 'investigate' and get back to me within 30 days. 
Is anyone else dealing with this from them? I'm not planning on using this card again until they get this straightened out. I've had this card for a year and a half and this is the first time I've noticed such a large gap in reporting. 


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Re: Apple Card Not Reporting

Last mine reported was December 31st.

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Re: Apple Card Not Reporting

I opened mine early in January just got the first reporting to all 3 bureaus yesterday if that helps .

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Re: Apple Card Not Reporting

It takes them a while to report a PO balance as their reporting is normally always 30 days behind

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Re: Apple Card Not Reporting

It took ~45 days for the account opening/first month to report, now its about a 15 day delay pretty consistently for me.


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