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Approved for a T mobile phone plan!

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Approved for a T mobile phone plan!

Hello, I had applied for my secured Capital One 4 months ago and followed the suggestions here at this forum and was able to build a Credit score of 667 on TU.

2 weeks ago I applied for a phone through T mobile and was approved based on my credit score!!

Here is the thing. My credit score only shows up for VantageScore TU but my fico score doesnt show up. I wonder why? And i also wonder how t mobile was able to approve me, i thought most go by your fico score?

The funny part is, i was able to build my score with an only $200 CL by followings everyones advices here.

I kept a low credit to debt ratio and always paid on time.

I am now kind of stuck at 667 score. How do i move it up?

Can i now apply for a secured card?
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Re: Approved for a T mobile phone plan!

Wait the six months to establish a FICO score, you might have a better idea where you will fall with lenders. Vantage is a different score model that most lenders do not use, it very much different than FICO scores. Congrats on your new phone!

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Re: Approved for a T mobile phone plan!

Getting approved for a phone isn't that hard as long as your score is 600 or more. Under 600 and you may have issues where they require a deposit.
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