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April scorewatch update?

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April scorewatch update?

I bought the scorewatch option on myfico a few 3 months back and since have been receiving updates every once in awhile when my score would change and go up.  I have a recent collections that was a mistake and is supposed to come off my credit report this month and I have not received any scorewatch updates yet this month.  I am anxiously waiting for it to update but it has not yet.  I talked to the collections agency towards the end of the month in March to double check that it was going to be removed and she said her computer had 'sent out' the request for removal to the bureaus the last week in March.  She also said I should see it come off my credit report this month and to call her back if I didn't see it come off.  I thought the credit bureaus updated the first friday of every month.  Is that correct?  Why am I not seeing it come off yet?  Is there anything I can do to make sure its all set to be removed?  I don't want to dispute it yet with the bureaus because I'm learning that will cause it to delay the whole removal process for up to 30 or 45 more days.  Any information would help.  Thanks.
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Re: April scorewatch update?

CRA update reports daily and they receive new updates daily.


It may take them a few days to get the update processed. They state they have up to 90 days to update.


Just be patient and wait until the end of the month.

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