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Had an Experian FICO 8 score of 770.  Got an alert that my score reduced 6 points because an account balanced decreased by $79.00.  Next day got another alert that my score dropped another 18 points because there was a $6100.00 increase on another account.  The account was an authorized user account that belongs to my live in girlfriend of 10 years (different last name).  So how can this be.  So far Equifax and Trans Union have not changed.  Does these score changes come directly from bureau or are they estimates.  I know you get 1 pull every 3 months.  

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Re: Authorized user

In what follows I am assuming you have the myFICO 3B Monitoring product, and this is the thing that is giving you alerts.


Here are several reasons that would explain why you got the EX alert (score drop) but no alert from EQ or TU.


(1)  Your three reports do not all have the same accounts.  In particular, one or both accounts you mention do not appear on all three reports.


But let's assume for a second that all three of your reports have the same accounts.


(2)  The cards in question have reported the new balances to the three bureas, but it takes each CRA a different amount of time to update their databases.  Thus EX may show the new data on the two accounts but it might take EQ and TU a few more business days, maybe even a week.


But let's assume for a second that all three bureaus have fully updated their databases and all accounts show exactly the same balances on all three of the bureaus.


(3)  Your alerts are more sensitive with EX.  Alert based credit monitoring systems rely on the CRA to generate the "alert" that something has changed.  Just because EX sends you an alert doesn't mean that EQ's data is different or that if the score were pulled you wouldn't see a drop there too.




(4)  It is possible that ,although all your data is exactly the same across all three bureaus, the EX flavor of FICO 8 gave you a score drop and the other two did not.  In other words your score dropped on EX but not on EQ and TU.  Though this is possible it strikes me as much more likely that 1, 2 or 3 is the case.


In answer to your other questions, the scores that come with the alert represent a true score taken at that instant -- not an estimated score, as with (say) a simulator.

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Re: Authorized user

Thanks for input.  I do subscribe to 3b monitoring.  What's funny is that I got alert from all 3 but only ex accompanied alert with a score drop.   Which makes me wonder if TU and EQ handle authorized user acts differently than EX?

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