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Auto insurance score question ?

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Auto insurance score question ?

    Good day everyone, I hope i'm putting this question in the right place. I just went on credit karma (i know entertainment purposes only) but there's something i can't quite understand on there.

    It also gives you an auto insurance score and a vantage score, my MYFICO score is 760 Transunion, how can my auto score be sooo low 795 rated Poor? I've been driving for 16 years NEVER even been pulled over and have a paid off auto loan. How can someone with and absolutely spotless driving record and no negatives on their Fico score rate so poorly on auto insurance? Also, why would my vantage score rate "c" score 748? Smiley Indifferent 

    Just when I think I'm grasping this credit formula down, curveballs, keeping us on our toes?


                                                                   Thanks in advance! Smiley Happy



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Re: Auto insurance score question ?

Credit Karmas auto insurance score is about as innacurate as 2 year old trying to do division equations.

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