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BK Friendly Credit Cards Listed - Post your own!

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Re: BK Friendly Credit Cards Listed - Post your own!

I got all of mine listed up above during my bk 13, before it was discharged.
It has all now pretty much come off of my CR's . My scores are notr to high, but I have lots of good credit in good standing on the reports to cover my scores. My ch 13 was discharged a couple of years ago.
Last night I applied for WalMart, Hooters, Goody's, and Target. I got those approved. However BofA denied me. I applied for cccu cc, chevron/texaco gas card, the Gap, Home Depot, and Kirklands. I am suppose to hear from them in the next 7-10days. Sometimes that bad when you don't get instant approval, sometimes it's good. Just have to wait and see.
Now that I have most of my baddies off, I am getting the ones that I think I can get and set on them for about a year to build time and 1-9 utli, on time, all the time.
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Getting credit card thru car credit inquiry

I was discharged in Jan 2005.  I carried my car thru my BK chapter 7 so I would have some positive credit.  It seems as though my credit was really pretty high prior to my BK, as is was avg. around 700 several months after discharge.  I paid off that car with the credit union that I was with and so decided to apply with them for another used car loan.  The rate was very high so I went with Chrysler and was approved for 24K. Since I had run the hard inquiry thru Wescom Credit Union I asked if I could apply this same inquiry to getting a credit card line of credit. The answer is yes within 30 days of the inquiry. I was given a 5K Credit Card line.

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Re: BK Friendly Credit Cards Listed - Post your own!

Regarding all the different credit cards you have applied for, what was your technique in regard to applying for these as so many inquiries would seem to really lower your scores.  Also, what were your scores.  Maybe I missed that part.  Thanks for your input.
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Re: BK Friendly Credit Cards Listed - Post your own!

Great thread! Time for an update now...

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Re: BK Friendly Credit Cards Listed - Post your own!

Very outdated. 


Check out the CC board. There are several threads just like this one.


Locking this thread.

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