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Big Boost after becoming an AU

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Re: Big Boost after becoming an AU

Right. While it's good when the other user is on top of their game with the card, it can get ugly really quick for you if they start having issues.

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Re: Big Boost after becoming an AU

@Anonymous wrote:

TU got a 16 point bump this weekend after the new tradeline started reporting

And finally Experian reported a 16 point bump last night.


Question about AU reporting. When I apply for a new card are creditors able to see how long I have been an AU or just that I am an AU and the history of the entire account?



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Re: Big Boost after becoming an AU

Just remember that any score boost resulting from addition of an AU results in a score that no longer represents only your own credit history/risk analysis.


If a creditor does a manual review and realizes that your score is based in part on the credit history of another, they may choose to discount the value of that score in their decision-making.  They understand the AU game......

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Re: Big Boost after becoming an AU

I agree with Robert 100%. In the case of my daughter, who is an AU on one of my Amex accounts, the opening date of the account is before she was born! Sticks out like a sore thumb on manual review. Smiley Happy

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