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Big Credit Score Drop + Inaccurate Information on Experian Membership Account


Big Credit Score Drop + Inaccurate Information on Experian Membership Account

I'm relatively new here, and a year or so into trying to improve past, significant credit issues. I have been putting a lot of effort into improving my credit and have opened three new revolvers over the last year. My Experian score has seen its share of small ups and downs, but over the course of the past year gradually moved from 639 to 696 on my March 1st Experian report.


Then, on March 17th I was hit with a 46 point drop, with no discernible changes in my report. When I compared the reports side by side, I could see no changes. What was most puzzling to me was that Experian was reported my credit utilization was at 51% when in actuality it was at 9%. According to the Experian app, my utilization at 51% had moved from the "what's helping" category to the "what's hurting." I contacted the credit card companies to confirm what dates they reported to the credit bureaus and what my utilization stood at on the dates they reported in January, Feb, and March. My highest utilization was in January at 15%, 9% in February, and 0% when they reported in March, which was after the big score drop. Since the March 17th drop in score the Experian app and website has reported me as everywhere from 32% utilization to 0% utilization in the dashboard, and everywhere from 51% to 36% to 24% to 32% in the "what helping/hurting" details. I have called Experian a couple of times to try to determine the problem and different customer service reps have done everything from confirm that my utilization is indeed 0% to scream at me that my utilization IS 51% which they can see on their end, and they don't know what's wrong with me that I can't see it!! Has anyone else experienced inconsistencies like this with their Experian account? Experian assures me that the reason for the big drop in score has nothing to do with these inconsistencies, even though there are no discernible changes in my actual reports! HELP!!


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