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Bill collection in my credit record

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Bill collection in my credit record

I noticed recently in my credit history that there is a derogatory record, namely a bill collection.

Years back, I went in to get knee surgery at the hospital. I was 21 at the time (25 now) but living with my parents, and my mom was the one who signed the hospital paperwork as she was the policy holder of the medical insurance.

Anyways, a few months pass, and one day just out of the blue I get a letter to me telling me that I have $72 past due to some place called desert anesthesia. I had never received a bill for this at all, just got a collections bill sent to me. I called them and immediately paid this off as I didn't want to damage my credit history, but still believed that I wasn't liable for two reasons: 1, I didn't sign any forms saying that I was liable for any costs, my mom signed all of those, and 2, the insurance company authorized the anesthesia.

But that is ancient history now, and is neither here nor there. However, the bill collection is still on my otherwise flawless credit record, in spite of the fact that they never even bothered to tell me I owed them anything, nor send me a bill, which I figure they should have first before they sent me to a bill collector.

Is there anything I can do to get this wiped off of my credit record? Also, how much if anything should this affect my credit score?

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Re: Bill collection in my credit record

Since you already paid the bill, your options are limited. You can write a GW letter and explain your situation to the OC or if it went to the collection agency - to the Credit agency.
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Re: Bill collection in my credit record

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