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Bk7 fall off, possible score?

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Re: Bk7 fall off, possible score?

Based on what has happened to me I would bet you see a huge increase.  Let me show you what happened this year.


         TU     EX     EQ

Feb   638    647    654   Got EE from TU

Mar   719    674    683   Paid loan to under 9%

Apr   730    687    671

May  754    775    712   Got EE from EX

Jun   748    766    712   Util rose due to vacation spending  

Jul    767    777    770   Got EE from EQ  


So my major events were paying down a loan to under 9% and getting EEs to remove the Public Records(BK13) from my reports.


My EEs were received 6 months for TU, 3 months for EX, and 1 month for EQ.  I had to call TU and EX to get my EEs.  EQ dropped my Public Record at 1 month without calling.


Look for the exact date your BK7 was dated.  Mark 6 months before that on your calendar for calling TU.


Best of luck to you.

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Re: Bk7 fall off, possible score?

I'm just going to sit here and dream about the year 2022

Filed BK7: 7/2012 (start score EQ 560 / TU 529) Discharge 10/2012
755 EQ FICO 12/2019
750 TU FICO 12/2019
743 EX FICO 12/2019
$29k NFCU Platinum | $30k NFCU cashRewards Sig | $15k NavChek | $7.1k Cap1 Quicksilver | $10k Amazon Store | $19k Cap1 VentureOne | $16k Barclay Aviator | $5k Chase Freedom | $5k Chase Sapphire Preferred | $9k Costco Visa | $20k AMEX BCE | AMEX Gold
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Re: Bk7 fall off, possible score?

Thanks everyone for your time and input always a pleasure. . Will definitly check on specific date to see how it plays out. I check out the threads tomorrow to see if i can find any more info on the EE maybe find a specific TU i could call. EQ is a whole other beast as i have to send in my info to receive my free annual credit report so i can dispute a few things, for some reason csn never get it online.Thanks again everyone. HOPE to see ya in 2022 Scupra Smiley Happy
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