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Black Market Alerts - useless?

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Black Market Alerts - useless?

I've received a few reports over the past few months of account data showing up on black market sites. But the problem? All the alert shows is email address and a partially obscured password. 


Now, I routinely use password generation that creates a complex password, they are long (often 16 or more characters, often 20-30 for high-risk sites if allowed) and look like a keyboard mash. 


The last one I received looks like it was a hashed/encrypted password. It only has Hex characters (1-9, A-F), which my generator would rarely create such a limited password and without any special characters. So I am less worried than a specific password, but... it is still worthless, because it doesn't tell me to what site the account is linked to. How is this hoing to help me when I have countless website accounts that use the same email address or user account name? 


Is there any chance of myFico enhancing these alerts, expanding their usefullness?

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Re: Black Market Alerts - useless?

I think its just a scam to keep you subscribed to the service. I receive these as well and it just appears to be a scam on MYFICO part.

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Re: Black Market Alerts - useless?

Uh oh. A black market alert. Better stay subscribed to myfico a little longer. Uh oh. Another alert. Better stay subscibed a bit longer again. Smiley Happy
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