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Since Jan of 2020 as always I pay my bill on time. But ;  because I pay from Cap One to my bank and I no longer get paper statments from Cap one ;or my bank I missed something. Its was only because since Feb 2020 I was not able to get on-line -- at Cap One site. I paid over the phone. Little did I  know for 4 months straight my payments were being rejected by my bank. For 3 weeks I'm trying to clear this up and still I am waiting for Cap One to give me an answer. 

I know what the answer is for one problem -- My routing number was changed not by me but the bank or Cap One?


It seem that my bank was bought out in 2012 and that is when the routing number change? But if that was the case then how come up until 2020 my payments going thru a full 9 years later.

,Anyway,  neither my bank or Cap One could tell me the what, how and why or how to solve it. Because of Covid-19 I was looking at a 8 hour wait to talk to someone.

This is what I think happened.  The old routing number Cap One claim I had on their site was my bank's routing numbef before they were bought out. I recieved  no letter to inform  me of the change in routing number.  Cap One updates their routing numbers from the Federal Reserve  per the Cap One represenative. Okay ! so my routing number change but at no time did Captial One tell me my payments were being rejected for 4 months straight.

That is not even the bigger issue -- since  Novemeber of 2018 Cap One without my consent drew money almost each and everytime I made a payment would pull extra $$$.

For example Nov 19 2019 I paid Cap one $277 on that very same day they pulled $27 as well. Sometimes its $27 sometimes $35 and sometimes $30 but mostly $27. Now this $27 rarely shows up on my Captial One statment,  and when I finally did research it ; it shows up as a FEE or a Past Due Fee not a Late Fee. My late fee is $38. I can see them charging me $27 because the bank returned my payment due to no fault of my own. I never had a bank bought out before I belonged too ; nor would I know to look at a routing number that was present on my Cap One online page for over 20 years. So Cap one has fraudulently taken close to $400 from me. They took it not from an authorize payment but just because they wanted too. Also these was not a late fee I paid all my bills at least a week in advanced. But again as the Rep. told me " We put the late charge on your credit card statement we dont' pull the money directly from your bank account" Well that is a lie .  because of this my credit score suffred so I can't even transfer my balance to another card

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I can't really comment on the routing number issue, but I can say that CapOne will always pull out the minimum payment if you have a balance on the card. This is assuming you have an auto payment set up, I'm sure each of these amounts were the same as what it reported your minimum to be for that statement. They do this regardless of whether you have made another payment for more than the minimum. They have always done this to me and if I make a payment a few days before the due date for the minimum they still pull their payment on the auto draft date. They start the autodraft process about 5 days before the draft date. This has resulted in a negative balance at times on my card when the statement cuts. They are the only one of my cards that do this. If I pay more on my Discover, then it pushes the due date to the next month and does not auto draft, but CapOne's system does not take other payments during the month into account. 

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