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CCA Sprint issue, PLEASE HELP :((

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CCA Sprint issue, PLEASE HELP :((

Credit Report states a collection from CCA stating that original creditor is Sprint.

It should come off from credit report in 2011.

However, I did not personally have Sprint service during the time reported

I sent DV letter by FAX to CCA. After 1 month no reply. I sent CRA stating that it is not my account. It came back as been verified.

WHAT should I do now? Smiley Sad
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Re: CCA Sprint issue, PLEASE HELP :((

Continue to dispute the OC and the CRAs that are reporting. Dispute as NOT MINE and send CMRR to both. Retain the green slips from the OC and from CRAs. If no action has happened start with the MOV request from the CRAs.
Good Luck
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