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CMRRR to Experian

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Re: CMRRR to Experian

dazednconfused wrote:
I sent 4 CMMR's to Experian in June and I got all 4 back 6/27.  What address are you using?  I used PO Box 9566, Allen, TX 75013.

This address is different
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Re: CMRRR to Experian

Irvin wrote:
i sent mine to po box 9556 on saturday. i just tried the tracking info, it says that "we attempted to deliver the item on july 10th and a notice was left. If item is unclaimed, it will be returned to the sender"

from this address. look at the last 2 digits
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Re: CMRRR to Experian

When i submit a dispute and they get back by saying "

We have already investigated this information, and the creditor has verified that it is correct. If you still have a question about it, you may want to contact the creditor, or if you have additional relevant information, click here. "....they give me this address to mail the stuff to.

PO Box 9556
Allen, TX 75013
It is very possible that they also own the POB 9566.
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Re: CMRRR to Experian

I sent mine to PO Box 9566, Allen TX  75013.  This is the address Experian said to send disputes to.  I feel like they give us the run around.  Still would like to know what to do, if they never accept my cmrrr.  Should I try faxing the letter instead?  I just want proof that they have received my mov.  I would really like to know how they are supposedly verifying the info on my reports
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