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CO switched from one CR to another?

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CO switched from one CR to another?

I bought myFico score from TU on 6/29/2007 and was astonished to see that two CO from CA that were medical bills had completely vanished from my CR. To my dismay when I pulled/re-freshed my EX CR today 6/30/2007 there they appeared the same two medical bills that were gone from my TU CR. Is this a normal practice with CA?????
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Re: CO switched from one CR to another?

I'm starting to notice the pattern. Drops off TU, EQ or both, then reappears on EX.
I'm just guessing, but it could mean that TU and EQ are taking their duties to investigate and remove more seriously than is EX.
No surprise. JDBs and CAs with old debts, debts they cannot validate, or perhaps even debts of someone with your initials get dropped on your CRs.
Did you DV the CA?
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