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Re: CREDIT ONE CLOSED. What's next?

It looks like your existing accounts are in good shape right now. I would ask American Express, Discover, and Capital One if they are willing to do a CLi without HP depending on how long you have not asked recently so you have spare. Other than that you should enjoy the cards you have and let them age some more.

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Re: CREDIT ONE CLOSED. What's next?

@heyjustiin wrote:

I have been delaying FOREVER to close this card because I had it for 2 years and perfect payment. This card and DISCOVER IT were two of my rebuilding cards for the past 2 years. A year later it was a perfect timing to expand my credit profile so I went for


AMEX BLUE CASH EVERYDAY - $8,000 (currently use for groceries etc)

CHASE FREEDOM UNLIMITED - $4,000 (currently use for Lyft etc)

CAPITALONE QUICKSILVER - $6,100 (currently use for traveling etc)

Disover It is also at $3,500 (for whatever)

which totals my credit to $26,000 which I'd like it higher lol


I have no collections, 3 inquiries (will fall over a year later)

Unsecured Loan from Affirm which I paid off just so I can have a credit mix

2 Closed Account from Credit One & Chase Slate (closed 3 years ago cause I didn't have enough credit history)


EXPERIAN - 734 dropped 23 pts

EQUIFAX - 742 dropped 22

TRANSUNION - 749 dropped 12




Guessing the drops are from Credit One closing and all accounts are reported 0. Tomorrow Discover will report 1...I know AZEO method lol so I will definitely get a nice little bump tomorrow!!

So what's next? Should I apply for another card? I'm in good standing and proud of where I am so give me advice and tips guys Smiley Happy

1. I doubt you lost any points from closing Credit One.

2. Sounds like the entire point loss was attributable to the All Zero penalty.

3. It doesn't seem to me that you need any more cash back cards, you're well covered and diversified in that department. So I would suggest you look for another category of card. E.g. travel card, or credit union platinum card (low interest, no balance transfer fee, some no cash advance fee either)

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