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bettercreditguy1 - oh I thought of that!   Why it doesn't work --- the post office doesn't have "numbers" as part of it 's street address.  The post office "street address" is literally just the name of the street it is on.   And there's no street signs anywhere for miles to tell you what road you are on.


I definitely live in the boonies!  I actually have to drive to the next county over to get my mail.   They simply will not deliver here.  Never have and probably never will.  The post office is actually going to go be cutting it's hours to almost nothing.  It will be open about 24 hours in a week.


The nearest fire station is 30+ minutes away, while speeding.


Fast food?   That would be at the gas station.


Grocery store?  Um, 40 minutes away?


DMV?  A long 40 minutes away.


UPS distribution center?   Three PLUS hours one way, more than three mountain ridges away....


But I tell you, looking up and being able to see the milky way each night, outside my front door is awesome!  Lying on my living room floor, looking out the patio doors, and watching meteor showers is awesome!


Finding a mouse picked and took a bite of a big, beautiful ripe strawberry - NOT so awesome.  Smiley Sad

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Yes! Kinda like going canoeing, camping,  or snow skiing years ago. No Cell phone service for miles. Just You, the tent, and mother nature. Nothing more un inhibited. Sparkly stars, clean water, birds and crickets chirping, and yes ants, fox, possums, dear and more. Just unexplainably perfect! Best of luck to YOU.

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