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Can I have this removed so I am blemish-free???

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Can I have this removed so I am blemish-free???

I have Paypal buyer credit used primarily for eBay that is currently with a zero balance, I have always made my payment on time and way over the minimum due. However an automatic schedule payment for October 2007 did not go through until November 2007 (so it looked like a double payment was made) therefore showing as 30 days late.  I have never had any late payments with paypal from when I acquired buyer credit in 2003. And as far as I can see, it was an error in my banking profile routing number although it was the same information used again and again when making my payments.


I called customer service and while the agent was very nice, he was also a little clueless repeating over and over that I was late so it had to be reported on my credit report.  As far as he knows, he explained that it would not be able to be lifted but he was able to clear the late fee associated because I "have been a consistent good customer with excellent payment history." 


Current credit score from all three .... er...two bureaus are in the low 800's and this removal could bump me up to the mid 800's.  Question is, is it possible to have an agency remove a "late" from a credit report without having to go through a dispute process with equifax and transunion and going through the agency solely.  I'm not even sure who to ask for above customer service or how to ask but it is worth a shot since it was an error.  Help. 



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Re: Can I have this removed so I am blemish-free???

Your best bet is to try a GW letter (or several). 

Good luck 

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Re: Can I have this removed so I am blemish-free???

I'm an Account Manager for another large credit card company, It can be corrected at the bank level but you need to reach some one who has the entitlements to do so.  Normally, no the bank will not correct the credit bureau and will never admit to bank error.  It is possible for the bank to submit an update to the CB and send you a letter stating an update has been made to your record.  To give you an example when I have updated CB, If I've seen it is bank error, I'll update it but not admit fault,  If there are extreme situations such as natural disasters (banks usually have automatic relief set up for these situations) but there have been times where a person has been in car accidents and in a coma for over a month.  Someone called up to active duty to go to war and didn't get their SCRA paperwork turned in on time.

In General you will get no where with Level 1 Customer Service.  You will need to escalate the call politely to Level 2 or Level 3 Customer Service.  Ask the person if they have the entitlements to fix a CB issue if it is warranted, If not ask to be transfered to a higher level to someone who is.

Good Luck with this, 

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Re: Can I have this removed so I am blemish-free???

Good insight, Ruddy. Thanks.
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Re: Can I have this removed so I am blemish-free???

Update: I sent a simple GW letter and it was removed!   Mahalo!!
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Re: Can I have this removed so I am blemish-free???

Just throwing in my 2 cents...I had a wrongly reported verizon wireless account from 2006 reporting.  I went as far as getting to the executive offices and drumming them for what I could.  They will not admit fault but told me "we will gladly remove the item from your credit reports immediately (and they did)" BUT they never said that they were wrong at any point.  I think I just made them sick of me by sending 50 fax letters a day to several offices and 15 letters a month while calling in 10 times a day to check in with several execs there.  I can be very annoying at times, so my spouse says, :-),  but I DO GET results...  They will never say they are wrong, but you may get them to update correctly and/or remove it.  Best of luck.. :-)

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