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Can an AU be Removed After a Card is Closed?


Can an AU be Removed After a Card is Closed?

Not sure if this question belongs here or in the rebuilding thread, so please move if needed. I'm an AU on a Comenity card (Wayfair) that was in DW's name. Card has some late payments, most recent one in 12/2020, but was brought current and we closed it in 2021 in good standing with a $0 balance. I've done a cursory glance around Comenity's site for contacting someone about this, but as per usual with them can't find anything easily. Before I go looking for more phone numbers to call, is this even possible? If it can't be removed, is it still impacting my score? 



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Re: Can an AU be Removed After a Card is Closed?

Good luck with that recently. You can send in a dispute to be removed from the account that it's closed. If you contact the credit bureaus, you’ll need to make sure all three remove the account otherwise it might still show on some of your credit reports. That is if you dont get thru. Get those lates off your reports. Good Luck!

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