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Can't Access Equifax Report?

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Re: Can't Access Equifax Report?

shane82388 wrote:
I think the only time I've gotten my EQ score since last post was from buying it on which sucks...

Yikes! You weren't able to resolve it directly with EQ?

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Re: Can't Access Equifax Report?

Since this post started in July, I have had the same issues.  Could not access my Equifax report for free (annual report), or make disputes.  I go through the same stuff and I *know* my answers are correct.


Add to that, two of my banks pulled Equifax file.  Neither had a problem.  And a new account is reporting to Equifax (opened last month) and that was one of the security questions that was asked!


Today I signed up for a credit monitoring service.  They had no problem pulling my Equifax file.  I actually had the current file up, used the   service's link to dispute with Equifax, and answered the security questions exactly as they related to my Equifax credit report.  Still no go.


Called the phone number - which has worked for me in the past - to order my credit report.  No go.  Said I had to mail in a lot of paperwork to verify who I am.  I will call my "live" person number tomorrow and see if I have better luck.



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Re: Can't Access Equifax Report?

Actually, now that I think about it, I can not access ANY of my three free reports.  Smiley Sad  Nothing looked amiss when I saw my reports via the credit monitoring agency I signed up with today.  [Other than Equifax having two wrong addresses.]

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Re: Can't Access Equifax Report?

I've experienced the same problem with Equifax not asking questions that applied, and when I submitted a page full of "Does not apply" they told me they couldn't verify who I was. I mailed them the ID they wanted and eventually got a report in the mail.

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