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Cancelling MyFico?


Re: Cancelling MyFico?

@CreditGuyInDixie wrote:
Hey CCman!  The trouble with that line of thinking is that it could be said about dozens of expenses that our OP incurs each month.  


Yeah, exactly.  I can definitely handle $20.  However, my score has somewhat leveled off and is only ticking up very slowly now, why do I need daily monitoring of my score?


As others have mentioned, there are other options out there for checking my score that could be cheaper for me.  Evaluating my monthly expenses to see if I can make any cuts is just me being responsible.


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Re: Cancelling MyFico?

Thanks MitchBlue.  I knew there was a way to get a free monthly EX credit report (from Experian) and a free monthly EX FICO 8 score (Discover) but it's nice to see a one-stop-shop that gives both. 


It will be interesting to see if an easy solution for a free TU FICO 8 materializes.  The only solution I know of right now are the various credit cards (Discover, Bank of America, etc.).  I have myself a BOA card so I am set there, but I'd like a solution I could include for friends who do not have one of those cards.


I do not know of any solution for a free EQ FICO 8 score, credit card or otherwise -- do you?  The closest I can think of is Citibank. which gives you a free EQ FICO 8 Bankcard Enhanced score.  Actually I like it that it is a BE flavor, but I can see why someone might want the same consistent model and score range for all three bureaus in his free arsenal.


I am thinking about putting together a really brief guide for anyone who wants to explore cost-free credit monitoring, with a baseline of free tools.  Karma will be part of it of course (free EQ and TU reports weekly).  The "baseline" will be free tools that anyone can get, no need to open a credit card or a bank account.  I'll also include other options (well known CC issuers, CCT's $1 trial, etc.). 


Right now I am thinking Karma plus for reports (and a free EX FICO 8). I might include for anyone who wants to round out his Vantage aresenal (C.C gives a free EX Vantage)  If anyone knows of free FICO scores drawn on TU and EQ, please let me know!

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