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Cap 1 Credit Wise SSN Tracker alerts

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Cap 1 Credit Wise SSN Tracker alerts

So I checked my credit wise and I got 2 alerts for  SSN Tracker Alert, 

  • An additional address have been associated with your SSN. CreditWise monitors credit header data from multiple bureaus and checks the names and addresses that are being used with your SSN
    The addresses that were reported on Mar 11 2019 both to Experian are known old addresses I have had in the past? Ive seen these on my Experian credit report as well, I am guessing that Credit Wise just picked up these addresses?
    • How could this affect my score?
      An unknown alias or name and address associated with your SSN could be an indicator of fraud or identity theft. This could impact your credit score.
    • question iconWhat can I do now?
      If you recognize this address, no action is required.
      If you don't recognize this address, click on "See something wrong" for recommendations on what to do next.
    • question iconWhy am I getting this alert?
      CreditWise alerts you when new names and addresses are found associated with your SSN, so you can identify possible signs of fraud.
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Re: Cap 1 Credit Wise SSN Tracker alerts

Yeah sounds like your old addresses just got picked up for some reason. Don't think this should affect anything, just make sure you recognize all the addresses as your own.
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