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Capital One gets 5 stars today, and here is why:

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Capital One gets 5 stars today, and here is why:

Too often, we read testimonials of which are critical of card issuers. This post however, will be one that lays a humbling “Thank you” in their virtual lap. 

My Cap One Platinum Card ($11,750 CL) bill I have paid for years, barely if ever, scrutinizing the outlined charges. I use it for a variety of personal and recreational entertainment, so I never felt the need to scour my monthly statement. If it looked reasonable, I paid it. 3 months ago,I had a weekday off from my business, so on the couch with the IPad, I just went all in...studying all of my cards. Basically looking for the good “offers” I may have tucked away, stuff like that. It was then that I discovered a recurring charge of $54.99 a month, for the past...wait for it...31 months. It was a membership fee to my gym, which I cancelled in 2016 due to blown out knee ligaments suffered on a job site. At least, that is what I thought. Evidently the gym never processed my request for cancellation. I never returned to the gym after the knee had healed, so I was oblivious to the ongoing charge. I knew that even though I was in part accountable for allowing this to happen...for 31 months, I knew even moreso that my cancellation of membership was rock solid and indisputable, for several reasons which I will leave out for brevity purposes. 

Upon contacting Capital One to cry foul, I was met with purposeful professionalism by the “department of disputes” if you will. An agent initiated a recorded 3 way conference call with the finance department of the facility charging me. Said facility was also mailed forms to dispute, which to my benefit, were not sufficient in content when returned to Cap One, to reject my claim. After hearing nothing for 2 months, I log into my account this morning to make my payment, and there is no payment to be made. 31 months of $54.99 plus fees all returned to me. I now have my full credit line and my balance is not just zero, but a huge credit is now available, of which I can leave to use or receive a check.

In a world filled with negativity, I am here to say thank you to Cap One for doing the right thing by an individual cardholder. Sharing this positive feedback I hope will in part help restore faith in the corporate system. That not all is lost to algorithms and automation just yet. Old school customer service is a beautiful thing, and Capital One wins today, hugely.


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Re: Capital One gets 5 stars today, and here is why:

Score for you.  Glad to know they back up their words with action. In reading an article they posted online about 5 purchases you should pay with your card  (mechanical work in my case) and why is the fact that tradesmen have a contract with Cap1 to perform and back their work.  A really good article to read and consider before ever paying with cash.  They have a bigger voice than we do and your story is reassuring.

Glad it all worked out for you.

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Re: Capital One gets 5 stars today, and here is why:

Wow that's great you were able to get all that backSmiley Happy

I personally look at every charge every month though, I can't imagine just paying the bill without knowing the charges.But I understand if you put things on there and you are used to paying roughly the same expenses with it, you may not notice it. I mean no harm. So glad they honored 31 months worth Smiley Happy
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Re: Capital One gets 5 stars today, and here is why:

Yep Capital One is amazing with disputes. They handle everything and they’ve always found in my favor. There’s definitely a reason why I keep my Cap card around. It doesnt earn as much as my PayPal does but I know in a pinch, they will get behind me. 


31 months though is nothing short of miraculous, congratulations!


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Re: Capital One gets 5 stars today, and here is why:

This is absolutely amazing and thanks so much for sharing OP.
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Re: Capital One gets 5 stars today, and here is why:



They treat me like a king.


I have a few hundred dollars in gas charged on my card in one day and I disputed it.

They let me keep the same account number so I did not have to switch out all my auto pay stuff.

They told me to call them if any more odd charges show up but sometimes people just use a cloned card one or twice.


Never had any more issues.  

Saved a lot head aches.



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Re: Capital One gets 5 stars today, and here is why:

That’s awesome to hear! Good on Cap1.

When I was approved for my Platinum last year, the card must have been lost in the mail, after two weeks, when I called CS, they were on it and overnighted my measly Platinum card.
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Re: Capital One gets 5 stars today, and here is why:

That is amazing! I guess I should go back to paying my gym membership with a credit card again. The fee is small anyway.

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