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Car loan approval chances?

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Car loan approval chances?

Okay, this might be long-winded, but I'm in a predicament. About a year or so ago I cosigned for one of my lifelong friends on a $45k car because he had a great job and it was no problem. He paid for the car for 5 months on time and then lost his job and voluntarily returned it. There's now 20k charged off from the remainder of that car on my credit from the repo. I tried to help and get this off and I ended up letting 5 CC's get charged off in the process. Now I'm needing a car and my credit score is 540 transunion and 485 equifax. I have 4K a month provable income at a place I've been 5 years and 3 cars paid off with about 5 months of on time payments on each before they were traded on my credit still. My CC utilization is 30%. I have a cosigner who has a 685 fico who is willing to cosign for me and they make around 4,500 a month. Is there any chance at all of getting approved for a $10k car with a cosigner and 500 down. I keep getting turned down without one. Like not even roadloans will approve me by myself. Thank you for the help
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Re: Car loan approval chances?

First, it looks like you may be getting your scores from Credit Karma? If so, ignore them and pull your FICO'S.

Second, post your derogatory information in the rebuilding forum and see if you can get assistance in improving your scores and reports.

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