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Care Credit reporting

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Care Credit reporting



I paid a significant amount off of my Care Credit this month, which takes me from 82% utilization down to 5%.  I paid it about Feb 20th, and my statement cut on March 3rd.  I've been patiently waiting to see the change on my reports, but it hasn't shown up on Experian or Transunion. I saw it on Equifax about 6 days ago.  I have called and asked Care Credit if they definitely report to all three each month, and they assured me that they always do. 


Could they not have reported it to all three?  Could the 2 bureaus be slow for some reason?

Has this happened to anyone else?



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Re: Care Credit reporting

Yeah it could be the bureaus updating slowly. My TransUnion is usually the first to update leaving Equifax as the last to update. So give it time.

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Re: Care Credit reporting

I'm having the same issue, having received a huge CLI last month and eagerly anticipating a score jump this month.  My last Care Credit statement cut on 2/25 and TU and EX haven't updated yet.  EQ updated around 3/8, which is still a little later than usual.

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Re: Care Credit reporting

Where are you accessing your reports OP?

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