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Cell phone debt incorrect social

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Cell phone debt incorrect social

for some reason the cell phone provider got the wrong social way back when, but the collection agency has my address with the letter to confirm debt within 30 days. nothing has been reported on my credit report yet the cell phone provider emailed me this on may 20


•   Your account being sent to an outside collection agency.

•  An early termination fee applied to your account if the services are canceled within an active contract period. Services are scheduled to be cancelled within the next 90 days, if the account remains unpaid.

•   Your account reported to the three national credit bureaus as past due. This would occur within the next 130 days if the account remains unpaid.


the collections agency letter i got june 1 so should i ignore all of this the service was lousy and do not want to pay a dime and not only that customer service is the worst. can they still get me even though the cell phone company has the wrong social on file (not done on purpose) another reason for problems with them i can't even verify myself to them!


Looks like i have until late september before their credit report threat anyway, but like i said, they have some random social i'm not even sure how i could still get the phone! the bill is 1100 dollars currently and i should have had a credit of 200-300 dollars which is another reason i do not want to pay a penny!

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Re: Cell phone debt incorrect social

I'd call and talk to a supervisor, not just a normal old associate. They can really look into this for you and get the bill lower or pay in installments. Pay a little am it won't go to the credit. 1100 isn't worth possibly ruining your credit or someone else's.
But this Is just my input, it's going to go somewhere do I'd talk to a repusenative and a supervisor before doing anything
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Re: Cell phone debt incorrect social

i want to challenge them on this one seeing they do not have my social right. the bill is due on the 15th with their little online portal, but i really want to test them on this. cell phone bills do not do anything on your credit until it gets to this point i guess, but i can not see what they can do with a bad social number. i mean can cell phone company or collections do research and/or throw it on my credit report anyway?? obviously i do not want this to go on my credit report as any kind of negative. i would obviously be leaning towards telling them i'll just pay a couple to a few hundred over the end of the year to clear it up, but i feel like this is a good chance at sticking it to them on my way out the door.

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Re: Cell phone debt incorrect social

worst case scenario i swallow my pride and pay, but is there a way for them to then stick it to ME and report something bad and paid. although they have some random social (probably bc i started pushing buttons on the phone when the recording was still saying enter it now) so i do not see how they can do anything unless they start investigating or the CA.


whats negative on the FICO score if most places were using FICO 09 scoring model i would most certainly test them and see what they do and the CA does bc with FICO 09 i can pay and it immediately comes off like within a month like it never happened.

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Re: Cell phone debt incorrect social

Sorry to keep rambling here, but there IS a chat feature with this cell phone provider on their website so I will most certainly be utilizing that feature as I can not even understand the representatives on the phone half the time PLUS I can save the chat for my records! Okay... What to say in the chat to cover my ass with EX TU and EQ if this shows up at any point??? ...... If I chicken out and do not decide to test them Smiley Sad

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Re: Cell phone debt incorrect social

If any reported information is inaccurate, then you can file a dispute.

The furnisher must either verify its accuracy as reported, correct so as to overcome the inaccuracy, or if they cannot verify or correct, delete the unverifiable information.

In the case of an SSN, your dispute would provide the correct SSN, and they would simply update.


Is it expected that a dispute would also compel deletion of reported derogs or the collection?

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