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Chances of Credit Union giving me a personal loan

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Chances of Credit Union giving me a personal loan

Long story short... I overdrafted my account in November 2015, due to being laid off, and my job went about it in a very sloppy and unprofessional way. If I could have sued them I would have. I lost a lot of **bleep** because of the procedures they took to lay me off and stop my direct deposit and splitting up checks. It was a mess.


Anyhow, that's over. Anyhow, It's been in overdraft for 5 months now and they closed the account. I talked the Credit Union Yesterday, explained and apologized... she understoond and said that I can just pay the balance owe and they will be happy to open me up a new account. 


So next week, I will be re-opening my account with them. I have 2 new jobs, that I will be linking with direct deposit and will also deposit weekly distrubution from my side business (Graphic Design) on the weekly basis. Anyhow, I need a $5000 personal loan. I need a dental procedure done, and its urgent. My jaw is dislodged and has dealt with it my whole life, but as I'm getting older the **bleep** is so painful at night and there's times where my jaw lock up and I can't even chew. The **bleep** needs to be done. 


What are my chances of getting approved? 


I have 5 credit cards ranges from 5 months to 1 year and a 1/2. Never missed a payment, no lates and perfect payment history... Will be paying them all off next month.

I have 3 baddies... 2 are medical bills and the other is a sprint balance of $649 last updated May 2015. 

I have an apartment judgement that is marked as PAID in full.... from April 2012.


I make $2200 a month.  The Credit union said, you must be employed for 3 months with 3 months direct deposit before applying. I have that. 


Any advice

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Re: Chances of Credit Union giving me a personal loan

Any updates on what you did? It sounds like simply talking to the Credit Union would be the best option.

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