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Change Of Due Date

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Change Of Due Date

Heads Up...You might want to check your due dates.


Happen to be checking my account for HSN by Synchrony so I can pay it and noticed the due date had changed.


I have had the account almost a year and a half and the due date has always been on the 7th of the month but today it was showing the 5th of the month. I was under the impression that due dates always remained the same.


I always pay way before the due date but had something been different and I was paying on the due date I would had been late.


No notice was given for the changing of the due date. Don't know if this is some new Synchrony thing or other credit card accounts might do it.


This is something I will be checking from now on with my accounts.



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Re: Change Of Due Date

It sounds like this act supports your understanding.  There are several people who understand these acts and regs and hopefully someone will chime in.  I'd call and have them explain.




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Re: Change Of Due Date

Due to the extra day in February, it may have changed the date temporarily.  Although the date should remain the same, always look for your closing from previous statement to be accurate on dates.

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