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Re: Charge-Offs

Hey all
The Recon did not work they stated judgment was the cause of denial. The Charge-Offs stated above
were no problem.They had to deny me Smiley Mad   I did mention that Amex did grant me 2 CC, but he would  just deny me. Tried to explain my situation but no avail.
They pulled Ex 660
Last month i applied for the Amex CC, they also pulled EX
              The 2 derogs  ( stated above)
              And unlimited lates
              No lates since Dec /2005
              received CLI on most CC  ( Except for Cap1)
              Utilization  less then 2 %
              I AM DEPT FREE

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Re: Charge-Offs

i got no response from alltel and checked my report to in they removed the CO and put it as an account in good standing

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Re: Charge-Offs

Big Gratz on that Jenkins
Smiley Very Happy
Waitng for my turn now
thanks all
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