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Charge cards and credit mix

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Charge cards and credit mix

Hello all,
Does having a charge card improve the “credit mix”’ portion of a score? Basically I am wondering if these appear the same as credit cards (aside from utilization %) or appear as a different type. Example: If you had 3 credit cards would that be the same credit mix as having 2 credit cards and a charge card? Thank you.
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Re: Charge cards and credit mix

I have “exceptional” mix without a charge card.


I have:


credit cards

student loans

car loan


no personal loans

no mortgage

no charge cards

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Re: Charge cards and credit mix

From my reading threads, no, it doesn't help mix at all, unless you lack credit cards. My understanding is they count just like a card as far as mix is concerned.
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Re: Charge cards and credit mix

Agreed with @Birdman7  - a charge card isn't an installment account. The mix bonus comes from revolving and installment accounts, so I would think that the charge card will not give you the extra points.

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Re: Charge cards and credit mix

for credit-mix there are 3 types of account: bank card, revolving account, and installment loan.

a creditcard counts as "bankcard" and "revolving account"

a store card like lowes counts as "revolving account" only.

im pretty sure an amex chargecard counts as "bankcard" and "revolving account"

any kind of installment loan counts as a loan. car, home, or personal.

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