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Chase Will Not Give Payoff Amount

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Re: Chase Will Not Give Payoff Amount

Buy something small and use you Chase CC. Pay for the item. Return it for a CC credit.

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Re: Chase Will Not Give Payoff Amount



Yes, I did that with Discover this month, calculated the accrued interest and then paid a bit extra to make sure. But most CCs won't let you pull a payment larger than the current balance, but when you push the payment from your bank's bill pay, I've yet to encounter a CC that won't accept it.



Side question, what is the typical speed of ACH pushes first time from a bank account? I've only used ACH pulls from CC websites (all cards usually post next day or at most 2 biz days out this way). Thanks.

I normally do ACH pulls from CC websites as well, as whether it takes a biz day or 2 to hit your bank account the CC credits you with the payment on the day you set for the ACH pull.


ACH pushes appear to vary by bank. To pay Discover off I checked my Digital CU bill pay & they said 2 days. Then I checked my Chase account & when it said next day payment I used it. It would have been the first ACH push payment to Discover for either account.

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Re: Chase Will Not Give Payoff Amount

Brief update, Chase and Discover both allowed me to pay over current balance with ACH pulls on their sites. Barclays and OpenSky did not. I paid the balance amount for those two via ACH pulls, then pushed the difference I've calculated for residual interest separately via my CU's billpay.


Once these all report (and a 5th that will be paid off 4/14), I'll have some DPs to share via ultimate 3B in a separate thread. On a clean file I'll be going from 9/9 cards w/ balances (5 > 90%) and 91% aggregate util, down to 4/9 cards w/balances all < 89.8% and roughly 54% aggregate util.

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