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Chase login with no US mobile number

Senior Contributor

Chase login with no US mobile number

Hi everyone

Are there any expats living overseas and have no US mobile number? How do you login on to Chase accounts?  I have Google voice for all other accounts that can perfectly receive text messages. Chase on the other hand does not accept it and offered to take down my Swiss mobile phone.  Somehow it does not send out text messages from Chase to international phone. The reason could be that nobody knows how the format should be for this ( 11041 / +41 ) The  only way to login is by calling each time and request a code.  In the past I had the code sent to my email but that also has been removed. Does anybody have a solution because this is driving me crazy like that. 

Any experience and suggestions how to login with no US mobile phone ?

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Re: Chase login with no US mobile number

My dad does this but he has my US number hooked up to his chase account, I'm assuming he has a way to log in with email maybe but I can check with him and let you know.

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