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Chase phishing scam

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Chase phishing scam

I got a text message today "seemingly" from Chase saying my card was temporarily locked and that I needed to call.  Hmm.  I checked the number on the back of my card and obviously it didn't match.  So naturally I called Chase and explained the situation.  The CSR assured me that it was not a Chase affiliated number and to block it immediately.  He assured me that my account is fine and not locked or suspended in any way.  The CSR also said they have had numerous customers call complaining about a (201) area code.  Just a heads up everyone....phishing scam.


Mods if this is a problem posting the actual number then please remove my image and I will delete the number and repost.





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Re: Chase phishing scam

Bra , not cool ya dig😠 darned internet fishermen🎣
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Re: Chase phishing scam

Have to wonder if it was targeted or it just so happened you have a Chase card. If it was targeted, was there a breach at Chase that revealed at least phone numbers of account holders so they can be targeted and Chase just hasn't said anything?
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Re: Chase phishing scam

That's not targeted, just the standard scatter-shot... banking (so to speak!) on some percentage of the recipients having the named bank, and some (much smaller) percentage falling for it.


If actually targeted using data from a breach, additional personal data (first name, last four of account, etc) would have been included to enhance believability.


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