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Chase reported late 30 days after 2 years

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Chase reported late 30 days after 2 years

Has this happened to anyone before?

Today my fico dropped 17 points, so i started digging and noticed i have a late from August 2019. So if this in fact true. Why after 2 years?

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Re: Chase reported late 30 days after 2 years

chase did something similar to me as well.  in their infinite wisdom they decided to report i filed bankruptcy in may of 2021 when  i actually filed in november of 2017.  score dropped over 60 points. i bout died. it reported that way on the 2 chase hotel cards & an old paid off auto loan that was from 2014.   i contacted chase many times by phone with no help whatsoever.  i finally filed a complaint with the CFPB and the matter was resolved.  somewhat.  i was able to get the auto loan completely removed due to time and they changed the bk notice to the proper time on the credit card listings.  my score recovered nearly all points lost, but a few.  


Submit a complaint | Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (

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