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Child support arrears removed from credit report

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Child support arrears removed from credit report

This is mainly specifically for people who have a child support case in maryland. Foturnately Maryland child support enforcement was only reporting arrears to only to equifax. I have an pretty large arrearage amount and hopefully in the next year it will be paid off. So anyway I was on CK and it pulled a new report and showed that my Maryland CSE arrears was removed from my credit report. Has anyone ever had their CSE arrears removed from their credit report without contesting the arrears or anything. I just find it weird that they are no long reporting it considering the amount of the arrearage, or did they not report it 1 month the start reporting again the following month. Like I said it seems weird that they did that

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Re: Child support arrears removed from credit report

"FCRA 622. Information on overdue child support obligations

Notwithstanding any other provision of this title, a consumer reporting agency shall include in any consumer report furnished by the agency in accordance with section 604 [§ 1681b] of this title, any information on the failure of the consumer to pay overdue support which
(1) is provided
(A) to the consumer reporting agency by a State or local child sup-port enforcement agency; or
(B) to the consumer reporting agency and verified by any local, State, or Federal government agency; and
(2) antedates the report by 7 years or less."

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