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Citi 30-Day Late Reporting Error

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Citi 30-Day Late Reporting Error

Hi guys,


So I've been combing through my history lately, just trying to get my credit score back up to 740 from a low of 620 over the past couple of years. I noticed a 30-day late from August of 2017 on one of my Citi cards. There's no way I was ever late on any payments (I obsess over paying on time), so I contacted Citi and 3 different customer service reps have agreed with me that this was reported in error. There was no late payment at all, not that month and not at any point that I've owned the card. All 3 agents told me to either dispute it directly with each bureau or to send a letter to them formally disputing the error.


My question is, is this really my only recourse? Does anyone else have any experience getting them to file this dispute over the phone, etc? Thanks!

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Re: Citi 30-Day Late Reporting Error

Well, Robert just shut me down with his response so... ignore my ill advice of filing a formal dispute. LoL.

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Re: Citi 30-Day Late Reporting Error

FCRA 623(a)(2) directly requires that anyone who has reported information to a CRA has the responsibility to promptly update that information as necessary to maintain its current accuracy.

If they admit to inaccurate information, there is no issue of a dispute.  They automatically bear the burden of promptly reporting correction to the CRA.


"Promptly" would reasonably mean in  their next regular reporting cycle after becoming aware of the inaccuracy.

I would call them and advise of their statutory requirement to promptly correct on their own, with no need for you to file a dispute.

If they dont correct in the next reporting cycle, you can file a formal complaint with the CFPB for their blatant and willful noncompliance with section 623(a)(2).

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Re: Citi 30-Day Late Reporting Error

I will call them now and attempt this. Thanks so much!

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