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Citi Reporting 30 day late

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Citi Reporting 30 day late

My Bloomingdale's card was reported 30 days late 02/2020, and I had made the payment late, due to issues with my bank, but it was only 12 days late. Can Citi report it as a 30 day late when it was literally 12 days late and they refunded my late fees/interest the next billing cycle?

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Re: Citi Reporting 30 day late

Late payments must be at lest 30 days past the billing due date to become reportable to a CRA as a 30-late.

This is the clear policy of each of the big-3 CRAs, as clearly stated in their common credit reporting manual, titled the "Credit Reporting Resource Guide."


If informal calls to the creditor fail to resolve the improper reporting, file a dispute with the CRA that establishes the billing due date and the date of payment.

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