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Civil Judgement Reporting

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Civil Judgement Reporting

Hello, I've read recently that civil judgments are no longer on credit reports. I have a dispute with a creditor who continues to report me as late when the balance has been paid.  My only proof of the payment is a letter from the collection agency that includes a reference to the civil judgement. If I submit this letter to the credit bureau to support my claim, do I risk them adding it to my report as a judgement, effectively reporting myself?


Thanks for your help!

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Re: Civil Judgement Reporting

A settlement with 22 states AGs removed many judgments from credit reports and Im not even sure they are reporting today as new ones come out. I would not dispute with the CRAs but send a direct dispute to the reporting creditor first with demand to have it updated to show accurate information. If you settled this recently please allow 60- 90 days for the creditor to update it correctly before proceeding, there are delays involved when dealing with a collector in transmitting info to the creditor that it has been paid.

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Re: Civil Judgement Reporting

No judgments are not reported.
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