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Cloned credit card abroad

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Re: Cloned credit card abroad

@JuliaT wrote:

This defenitly makes feel better lol 

How could that happen? 

It happens all the time, often for reasons you have no control over, so don't worry about the why. I've probably had a couple of dozen of these over the years. One quick phone call and it's taken care of with no loss to me. This is a good reason why you should carry more than one card while travelling, you always want a backup if there are problems with one (or two). Personally I carry at least three from different providers.



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Re: Cloned credit card abroad

@JuliaT wrote:

Hi everyone!

I tried to look for a similar topic but I couldn't find anything so here it is... My credit card (Capital One) got cloned somewhere in Europe. Plus, it was rejected a few times. I want to know if anyone got a similar experience. It is the only credit card I have here and it is kind of nightmare everytime a I want to pay, Im afraid something will happen.

First rule of cards far away from home: Never have only one card.


While I have never had an exact experience as you due to picking great merchants when out of the country I have had a case where some genius in Germany thought it was a good idea to fake my Citi card on facebook. Naturally Citi was just as concerned when that charge came through so I did not have to deal with it too much. Also be aware that Capital One was recently breached so it is possible that the perpetrator leaked the info even though they are thinking they might have not done so. Lastly stolen card info is a part of having a card in the first place. It is almost impossible to be protected 100% of the time. If it was a debit card it would be worse.

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Re: Cloned credit card abroad

Lesson learn! Smiley Sad From now on, i'll be more aware about this, and take more than one credit card. You are right.

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